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Support Oakwood

As an independently operated private school, Oakwood takes great pride in the relationships we have built within our community. Our community (families, alumni, staff, neighbors, foundations, and corporate entities) have contributed to the success of our students for more than 50 years and have helped to propel our mission forward.

One of the ways in which our community has contributed to our success is by donating to the Oakwood Annual Fund. The Oakwood Annual Fund is one of the most important fundraising activities of the year. It allows us to raise money to support efforts that are not covered by tuition such as tuition assistance, professional development for staff, technological enhancements, and other miscellaneous expenses that come up throughout the year. 

four students with classroom teacher wearing oakwood shirts and smiling

So why should you support Oakwood?

When you support Oakwood School, you are positively contributing to the future of this Country. Did you know 1 in 5 children in the United States have learning challenges? These challenges effect children of all economic statuses, however not all families have the means to pay for a tuition-based education. The driving force behind our Annual Fund is to ensure that students who need Oakwood services have access to them.

Studies show that proficiency by the end of 3rd grade is a key predictor of whether a child may have the skills or motivation to complete high school. When children cannot understand lessons being taught, they often feel defeated and lose motivation to continue in school. By providing resources and support to children early on in their education, we are able to tackle these challenges head on and help to change the trajectory of our student’s lives.

Oakwood School values contributions of all kinds.
  • Financial contributions allow us to fill in the gaps that tuition does not cover.
  • In-kind contributions support a wide range of activities for our students.
  • Volunteerism can allow you or your business to dedicate impactful time and energy to our school and build memories for many years to come.


Contact Development Director, Phallon Perry at for more information on how you can make the greatest impact to Oakwood School.