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Oakwood Speakers and Events


We regularly host or sponsor events on and off campus. Check this page or subscribe to our newsletter to see what we are offering in the upcoming months!


Previous Programs


Structured Literacy

This interactive program will cover the connection to the Science of Reading, key research, and the various components of Structured Literacy at the K-8th grade level. Attendees will learn multisensory strategies for approaching reading instruction with their child.

Dyslexia Simulation

This highly rated simulation, led by Dyslexia Advocate, Elin Paier, provides similar frustrations and feelings through targeted reading and writing tasks to help participants gain a better understanding of and empathy for those children and adults who struggle with dyslexia.

Tuition as a Tax Deduction

Picture of Tax Seminar details January 2022

Reading the Oakwood Way

Using Orton-Gillingham in the classroom.

Mrs. Jeanine Cyrwus
Director of Outreach & Literacy

Math the Oakwood Way

Helping students build positive math mindsets.

Erin Morgan

Mrs. Erin Morgan,
Academic Supervisor

Executive Functioning the Oakwood Way

Strategies for students who struggle with ADHD.

Dr. Susan Autry

Dr. Susan Autry
Academic Advisor


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