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Oakwood School provides a multisensory educational program in which students with learning differences are guided to achieve their unique academic and social potential in a nurturing community environment


Getting Past Procrastination

How to Get Your Kids Organized, Focused, and Motivated…Without Being the Bad Guy

Presented by: Ann K. Dolin, M. Ed.

Ann is the Founder of Educational Connections where she and her team (of 180+ tutors) have helped thousands of children and families reduce stress, improve their relationships, and reach their full academic potential.
She’s also the author of the award-winning Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework and a monthly contributor to WTOP radio.

When: Tuesday, October 16, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Where: Oakwood School, 7210 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA 22003.


  • How to transform binders and backpacks from "black hole" into "trusty planning tool" without the constant nagging or guilt trips
  • What the research says about WHERE and WHEN your kids should be studying after school (hint: it's not where they want, and it's not what you would think)
  • Practical ways to tame procrastination, including my exact recommendations for the questions to ask (word-for-word), and the timers, tasks, and apps to use to help your child succeed
  • And much more...
Free and open to the public with reservation. Bring a friend! Space is limited. To sign up, please complete the form below.

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OPA Speaker Series: Getting Past Procrastination