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Oakwood School provides a multisensory educational program in which students with learning differences are guided to achieve their unique academic and social potential in a nurturing community environment


At Oakwood, technology tools enhance students’ learning. SMART Boards, iPads and laptops with touch screens provide multi-sensory experiences in every subject area. At the middle school level, we have a 1:1 laptop program.


Technology Skills

Oakwood student using laptop at desk

We teach keyboarding when students can differentiate their fingers, usually around third grade. The goal during typing instruction is for each student to increase his or her proficiency on the keyboard so that they can develop the muscle memory needed to remember where the keys are. We use a variety of typing programs and resources including Read Write and Type, Diana King Touch Typing program, and Typing Agent. Computer skills such as keyboarding, and word processing are taught to allow students to communicate more effectively.

Technology Tools

Purposefully integrating technology into instruction enhances the curriculum and aids in developing necessary skills. Students’ written expression improves with the use of word processing and organizational software as well as access to other assistive technology tools. We use a multitude of programs to guide to students to publish writing, create multi-media presentations, and save work to the cloud.

Oakwood student using iPad


Digital Citizenship

Oakwood School believes that students need to safe, respectful and responsible online. We use curriculum from Common Sense Media, NetSmartzKids, and other sources to teach at all levels.

Oakwood student with headphones using laptop

We understand the role technology plays in the lives of students with learning disabilities. Technology is crucial to their success--as a learning tool, not just as an accommodation. We use technology to support learning at all levels of the curriculum.

Programs Used at Our Private Learning Differences School


  • Centervention

  • Explore Learning

  • Khan Academy

  • Learning A-Z

  • Glogster

  • World Book Online

  • Wonder Workshop Robotics