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a pioneer; somebody who's willing to take risks and create a path that isn't already there, to serve as a trail for others who will follow.


Oakwood Trailblazers

Since our very beginning in 1971, Oakwood School has been a beacon of light, hope, and inspiration to families with children who struggle to learn.

The encouragement and commitment of these trailblazers – Bob and Mary McIntyre, Wretha Peterson, Barb Zukowski, Greg Shelton, and dozens of others created a shared legacy among our students. A legacy where they are defined by the knowledge that they can and will achieve great things. 

These trailblazers saw in the Oakwood child a world of possibility.  They had the tenacity and compassion to work tirelessly to unlock the hearts and minds of their students.  They persevered to adopt a wide range of progressive techniques and methodologies, until they found the ones that would be most effective for each individual child.  They equipped students with the tools they needed to succeed emotionally, and academically throughout their lives.

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