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The Future of Oakwood

For over 50 years Oakwood School has been transforming the lives of students who learn differently.

Back in 1971 when Oakwood was created, founders Bob and Mary McIntyre had the desire and expertise to help children with learning differences.  However, they had no budget, and no space in which to teach.  So they operated their new school out of the most affordable space they could find— a patchwork of church basements in the area.

A few short years later the school was bursting at the seams and Oakwood desperately needed a permanent home to meet the needs of their ever-growing community.  In 1981 Bob and Mary purchased our current property on Braddock Road.  The building was new, it was spacious, and Oakwood School was officially and, quite literally, on the map.

Since that day, over 40 years ago, Oakwood has poured all of its resources into hiring and maintaining the best talent to transform the students’ lives.  During that time, there have been no significant building improvements or expansions made at the school.

In the last 50 years we have seen enormous changes take place in our schools…

Oakwood Then and Now Collage
By the end of 2022, our renovations and expansion will be complete.  Oakwood School will be ready to continue educating students who learn differently for the next 50 years.

Today we are nearing our campaign fundraising goal of $4.5 million, having raised $3.8 million thus far. We are deeply grateful for those who have supported this effort, who believe in our mission and our vision.  We continue to build and we continue to fundraise.

Would you consider a gift to help us reach our goal and continue the important work that Bob and Mary McIntyre began over 50 years ago?

The return on your investment would be, quite literally, changed lives and a school that is positioned to serve students into the next generation.

Please join us in donating today to help us complete this exciting project and ensure Oakwood’s impact, well into the future.

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