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Oakwood School provides a multisensory educational program in which students with learning differences are guided to achieve their unique academic and social potential in a nurturing community environment

Welcome to Oakwood!

Bob McIntyre and wifeAs Founders and Directors of Oakwood School, my wife, Mary, and I are pleased to invite you to learn more about what, over the decades, has come to be called “The Oakwood Experience.” You will be impressed, as we are, with the relentless spirit of our students, the unwavering commitment and faith of their parents, and the dedication and excellence of our faculty and staff. These qualities all combine to create a dynamic, vibrant community in which the needs of the individual student determine our teaching methods and our strategic program planning.

At Oakwood young people forge new friendships with other students of average to gifted potential who might “fall through the cracks” in large classes or more typical learning environments. Each child is surrounded by nurturing master teachers who use research-based, eclectic instructional methods, to teach traditional academic skills and subject content. From Elementary level through Middle School, Oakwood teachers know how to remediate areas of weakness, build on inherent strengths, and to help every student discover their own learning styles. Our Middle School is highly regarded for its success in graduating students who are well-equipped with good study skills, an understanding of how they learn, an ability to self-advocate, and a notebook of their individual learning strategies to use throughout the rest of their formal education and in life and career. Virtually all Oakwood students eventually complete their education at the college level, with a large percentage going on to graduate and post-graduate degrees.

The fact that your search for the best educational environment has brought you to our school tells me that you deeply believe in the potential of your child. At Oakwood we share that faith, and we look forward to developing a strong partnership with you to turn that potential into reality.

Bob McIntyre