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Don't let finances get in the way of giving your child what he or she needs. Tuition Assistance available.

2014 – 2015 School Year

Initial Fees
Admissions Process Amount Payment Due
Records Review/Recommendation $50.00 With Student Records
Admission Evaluation & Processing $300.00 At Evaluation
Annual Tuition & Fees
Tuition Amount Payment Due
Discounted Rate – Single Advance Payment $31,200.00  
Deposit * $ -2,000.00 At Registration
Tuition Balance $29,200.00 June 1, 2014
Total Rate – Two Payments $31,990.00  
Deposit * $ -2,000.00 At Registration
Tuition Balances $14,995.00 June 1, 2014
  $14,995.00 December 1, 2014
Annual Charges Amount Payment Due
Re/Registration * $300.00 At Registration
Student Activities * $175.00 At Registration
Technology * $285.00 At Registration
* The following charges for new and returning students, as indicated above, constitute one non-refundable payment due at initial registration or at re-registration of returning students:
Tuition Deposit $2,000.00 (applied to total tuition due)  
Registration/Re-registration $ 300.00  
Student Activities Fee $ 175.00  
Technology Fee $ 285.00  
TOTAL DUE $2,760.00 At Registration
Related Services & Incidental Costs
  Amount Payment Due
Resource Speech/Language Therapy $72.00/Per Session As Invoiced
Resource Occupational Therapy $129.00/Per Therapeutic Hour As Invoiced
Extended Day Program See Extended Day for more details  
Transcript Fee Amount Payment Due
Initial copy of document No Charge  
Additional copies, per page $2.00 At Time of Issue