Social Affective

The social affective program reinforces our commitment to developing the whole child.  This time in the schedule allows teachers to focus on developing a strong classroom community.  Through reinforcement of basic social skills, manners, and character development, students learn appropriate ways of interacting with others.  Students also learn about themselves through a variety of programs used in the school – The FISH program, Brainology, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.


FISH! Philosophy

The FISH! Philosophy includes four simple, interconnected practices:

Be There: When people need you, they need all of you. Setting aside distractions and judgments to be fully present is a sign of respect. It improves communication and strengthens relationships.

Play: You can be serious about your work without taking yourself so seriously. Play is a mindset more than a specific activity. It allows you to throw yourself with enthusiasm and creativity into whatever you are doing, in a way that is natural, not forced. "Playing” with ideas helps you find solutions to everyday challenges.

Make Their Day: Simple gestures of thoughtfulness, thanks and recognition make people feel appreciated and valued. When you make someone else feel good, you feel good too.

Choose Your Attitude: To actually choose how you respond to life, not just react, you must be intentional. When you get up, decide who you want to "be" today. Moment-to-moment awareness is key. Ask yourself throughout the day, "What is my attitude right now? Is it helping the people who depend on me? Is it helping me to be most effective?"